A Life Is Changed in Elgin

Leo Bristol was baptized at the Elgin (Ore.) Church by Jack Ferrell on Dec. 27.

At age 13, Bristol lost his father, and his life began a downward spiral into crime, drugs and alcohol. By 18, he was incarcerated for the first of five times over the next 22 years. He felt angry and rebellious and, upon each release, only continued following his life of sin with his companions.

The Holy Spirit, through the prayers of his mother and friends along with the influence of the prison ministry, began to reach his heart. On Oct 14, 2001, he cried out to God to change his life and set him free. Within five minutes, a fellow inmate came to his cell and asked him to study the Bible.

There is power in God’s word, and Bristol has had an upward climb since then. His great desire was to share God with his former companions, but he soon found that our bodies of flesh are not strong enough to socialize with evil influences.

Bristol plans to serve his Savior the rest of his life. He shares his faith in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, on his job for a roofing business and with the many who call him seeking help.

April 01, 2004 / Idaho Conference