Year of Evangelism Kicks Off in Washington

It happened in Auburn. It happened in North Bend. It happened in Everett. It continues to happen throughout the Washington Conference.

In January many different locations throughout the conference kicked off plans to reach out to friends and neighbors as a way to be involved in the Year of Evangelism.

Roland Lenhoff, Auburn City Church pastor, along with his pastoral staff, started planning almost two years ago with evangelist Jac Colon to hold a series in the Auburn area. On opening night Jan. 16, there were 450 people in an auditorium that could seat 450. In that overflow crowd were found not only those who spoke English but also those who spoke Russian or Spanish. The crowds remained strong as Jac Colon presented the clear message of the remnant church. When the meetings were moved to the church, a major electrical problem tried to cause havoc. However, with faithful members working hard to install generators to run the most-needed electrical equipment and lights, the meetings went on. A rich harvest is expected from these meetings.

Wilma Bing, along with the women's ministries committee, conducted a training event in North Bend on Jan. 17 that featured Nicolle Brisé from the Southeastern Conference. The focus of the training event was outreach and evangelism. Following the theme “Go Light up Your Corner," the women were encouraged to know their spiritual gifts, and then they discovered that every gift is to be used to reach out and win people to Christ. The women were shown how everyone can be involved in a series of evangelistic meetings. One women's group has already planned to hold their own series of meetings in July 2004.

John Freedman, Washington Conference president, along with Shane Anderson, a pastor, opened a series of meetings on Jan. 30 in Everett. Two sessions each evening found more than 120 visitors ready to hear the clear message of the second coming that is found in prophecy. The wonderful team from the Everett Forest Park church certainly prayed, planned and prepared to help these meetings be a success. People will be in the kingdom of God because of these meetings.

The Tacoma area will be the first site where the Sow One Billion program will be used. Bruce Koch and the area pastors and churches are mobilizing to use both billboards and mass mailing to enroll people into Bible studies. Tacoma was chosen because of its recent designation by USA Today as the most stressed-out large city in the United States.

Yes, the Year of Evangelism is happening in the Washington Conference. Let us pray that evangelism and outreach become a way of life every year until Jesus comes.

March 01, 2004 / Washington Conference