Springfield Church Holds Lay Evangelistic Seminar and Classes

Lay people from many walks of life worked together in October to present an evangelistic effort at the Springfield (Ore.) Church.

Joe Bovee, a shipper by trade, answered the call to organize and lead a local lay evangelistic effort in the Springfield area. The New Beginnings seminar materials were used with visuals, texts and scripts for lay presenters. The idea was for regular folks to present simple and beautiful Bible truths to regular folks. Presenters included a technology consultant, a contractor, a retired marketing consultant and a personal trainer.

Lay members also served as the main means of marketing the meetings by inviting their friends, neighbors and family members. Special invitations were sent to people who had shown past interest. The meetings are being followed by special Sabbath classes expanding on the basic truths of the Adventist Church. Lay presenters and Chuck Burkeen, pastor, use visuals, skits and dialogues to enhance understanding at the classes.

Two baptisms and a number of commitments have resulted from this special effort. Other decisions are expected as the classes continue.

March 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference