Member Returns After 38 Years

Wayne Cox had thought of coming back to church many times, but every Sabbath morning there was always something else that came up so he wouldn’t go. Maybe some other time, he thought.

As he awoke one Sabbath, he lay in bed a few minutes and thought of what he was doing that day. Nothing, he thought. Then what’s to keep me from going to church? He’s never missed a Sabbath since.

I visited him and reviewed God's message and asked if he had thought of being baptized again.

“Yes, I have,” said Wayne.

“You have a birthday coming up real soon. Let’s plan it for that day,” I suggested.

Wayne said, “I couldn’t think of a better birthday gift for Jesus than to rededicate my life to Him on my 81st birthday.” He was baptized on Dec. 6.

Friends had stayed in touch with many visits and telephone calls through the years, along with Signs of the Times being sent by Ray Trees every month to keep Wayne in touch with the Lord as well as with the church.

March 01, 2004 / Idaho Conference