News for March 2004

Cutting-edge Technology Captures Ancient Story

March 01, 2004

The Adventist Communication Network (ACN) and It Is Written Digital Media Group (IIWDMG), Vancouver, Wash., partnered to capture authentic images of Bible characters in a project called FACES:Biblical Folks that will bring new artwork for pastors, teachers and lay people to use in telling the old, old story. "Pastors from across the North American Division have been begging for fresh, contemporary photographs illustrating Bible stories," said Dave Gemmell, project director.

Where Jesus Walked

March 01, 2004 / Charlotte Ishkanian

If Jesus were to return to the places he knew as a child and adult, what would He say? Would He tear down the concrete and wire fortifications that separate communities, just as He chased the sellers and money changers from the temple? Would anyone dare follow Him today, in the face of car bombs and suicide bombers?

If Jesus walked in Israel today, where would He go? Where would He worship? The temple in which He worshiped while on earth no longer stands, replaced centuries ago by a mosque.

Rice for Cambodia Radio Listeners Give Generously

March 01, 2004 / Tara Jeske

Walla Walla College’s Positive Life Radio listeners donated thousands of dollars for the second year to help feed people affected by drought and flooding in Cambodia. Positive Life Radio teamed up with Musicianaries International Inc., an organization founded by Christian recording artist Bobby Michaels, to purchase and distribute tons of rice to needy Cambodian families.

Washington Conference Plans Women’s Spring Day Event

March 01, 2004

"It was a bright and sunny morning . . . the day on which I fully expected to die.” Those are the words of Esmie Branner who, while married to a Muslim husband, clung desperately to her Christian faith despite the abuse that she faced on a regular basis.

Conference Welcomes Revival And New Assistant

March 01, 2004 / Doug Bing

Do you sense that the Spirit of the living God is at work among us, challenging, reviving, renewing the hearts of the members here in the Washington Conference?

You may be aware by now that the conference executive committee has requested Dave Wolkwitz, in addition to his duties as trust director, to serve as assistant to the president for prayer and revival.

Monroe Feeds 110 At Community Christmas Dinner

March 01, 2004 / Debbie Beierle

A community Christmas dinner, sponsored by the Monroe (Wash.) Church members, was given on Dec. 25 to reach out to those in the community who would otherwise be alone for the holidays.

More than 110 people were fed during the dinner and many more meals were sent home with people. A complete meal for about 10 people was also sent to Casa Ministries for those unable to attend.

Year of Evangelism Kicks Off in Washington

March 01, 2004 / Doug Bing

It happened in Auburn. It happened in North Bend. It happened in Everett. It continues to happen throughout the Washington Conference.

In January many different locations throughout the conference kicked off plans to reach out to friends and neighbors as a way to be involved in the Year of Evangelism.