Vibrant Life Gets New Editor

Charles Mills, Adventist author and media producer, has taken the helm of Vibrant Life beginning with the January/February 2004 issue as Larry Becker, outgoing editor and eight-year veteran of the health magazine, heads to La Sierra University as public relations director.

Mills, a well-known writer and author, is looking forward to the challenge of editing the official Adventist health journal. “We’re continuing to pump up the volume on the spiritual aspects of health,” he said, noting that most magazines promote physical wellness alone. “We’re giving equal time to the physical health, mental clarity and spiritual balance that every person needs to maintain a happy, robust life. Without God in the equation, optimum health simply isn’t possible."

According to Mills, Vibrant Life holds a unique place in our church’s history. “We were promoting the Biblical principles of health generations ago. Water treatments, a plant-based diet, daily exercise, abundant fresh air and sunshine, trust in divine power, temperance and proper rest have long formed the foundations of our many worldwide ‘entering wedge’ ministries.”

Readers of the magazine will be happy that, along with some new innovations, old favorites will continue. Mills has also joined forces with Tim Arnott from the Lifestyle Center of America to co-host a live, one-hour call-in radio program called Vibrant Life. The weekly show, aired on LifeTalk Radio Network, is proving popular with people of all faiths.

"It’s gratifying to see how interested people are in learning how to live better naturally," Mills explains. "What a joy it is to provide answers to their questions using principles straight from God’s word."

To learn more about Vibrant Life, visit or call (800) 765-6955.

February 01, 2004 / World Church