Unique CAA Student Paraphrases Lord's Prayer

February 01, 2004 | David Allen

Vera Gerega may look like any other Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) student, but her journey to the academy began a world away. Born in Belise, Moldova, she and her family moved to Springfield, Mass., when she was two for more freedom, specifically religious freedom. They believed that God wanted the family to be here.

The Gerega family eventually moved to Kelso, Wash. There, one of Vera’s sisters met Michelle Northam in the summer of 2001 and learned that Northam was the principal of Kelso-Longview Adventist School. Soon after, Gerega's parents discussed with Northam the possibility of their children attending the school. Gerega attended Kelso-Longview through seventh and eighth grade.

After attending Columbia’s academy day, Gerega knew she wanted to attend the academy. When school started, she was a little afraid that she would get picked on because she was of a different Christian faith. Her fears were relieved when people respected her for who she was. Gerega really enjoys CAA, especially “chapels, the teachers, the social life, working after school and volleyball.”

Students in David Allen’s freshman Bible class were assigned to write their own paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer. The following is Vera Gerega’s interpretation:

Dear Heavenly God,

Let your name shine among all nations!

Whatever you think is best we’re willing to accept to achieve that perfect peace that there is in heaven.

Please help us not to worry about tomorrow, but give us strength, wisdom, and everything we need to help us face today.

Help us to have the right attitude to forgive others because you don’t hold anything against us.

Keep us out of the Devil’s path of destruction.

For Jesus, you are the Shining King in Your kingdom and you are almighty and our light through all eternity.