Oregon Missionaries Build, Heal and Minister in Baja

February 01, 2004 | Dan Stemler

Under the guidance of veteran Baja travelers Dan and Becky Hershberg, Oregon Conference constituents journeyed to San Quintin, Baja California, for a two-week mission trip in November 2003. The 37-member group included 15 Laurelwood Academy students, a dozen faculty and family members, and a dental delegation led by Cedric Ross Hayden. Many of the participants were from the Fall Creek (Ore.) Church, which provided a van and other support for the trip.

The participants were divided into service squads for various activities in the field. One energetic group added a classroom to and did finishing work on an area church, while others handed out literature and invitations to evangelistic meetings. One student group volunteered to help in the dental clinic held in a mobile dental unit provided by the dental hygienists. A very popular service was the “limpiesa" or dental cleaning. Boxes of gloves and other supplies unused at the end of the clinic were donated to the local hospital and an area dentist.

After a week of preparatory work, evangelistic meetings were held in a nearby community. The team provided door-to-door transportation for attendees. For one hour before each meeting, a health expo gave individuals a chance to check their body fat, blood sugar, blood pressure and lung volume and have a computerized health analysis done. More than 100 delightful children participated in skits, crafts and story time and attended the evangelistic meetings.

Follow-up reports from San Quintin indicate that the efforts during the trip sprouted into five home campaigns and 95 requests for studies. It also energized local church members, both there and in Fall Creek.