Miracles Bring Second Chance

This is a story about happy endings—and second chances.

In August 1954, a very young girl named Donna gave birth to an unnamed baby girl. This baby girl, later known as Debra, was adopted as soon as Donna gave birth.

In 1954, having a baby out of wedlock wasn’t looked upon very kindly. The doctor convinced Donna and her fiancé, Gordon, that it would be better to start their marriage together without this baby, who was not Gordon’s child. They finally agreed, especially when the doctor said he had a good home for the baby.

After being married just a short time, Donna and Gordon realized what a mistake they had made. "I have had a pain in my heart all these years and cried and prayed, and we tried to find her but were unsuccessful," explained Donna, who had kept this secret from her family, except her mother.

Debbie knew she was adopted but knew nothing of her birth mother. Little did Debbie know that her birth mother, with many prayers and tears, had been searching for her for 48 years.

One day, several years ago, Donna saw something in the GLEANER about a woman in Vancouver who would help search for a lost child. After completing the registration paperwork, she hesitated about sending in the remaining fee. When she finally sent it in, she received word a month or so later that her daughter had been located and lived in Bend, Ore.

When it was verified that Debbie wanted to meet her mother, a reunion was planned. Debbie’s adoptive parents had died about 20 years before, and she had wanted to find her birth mother for a long time. When they met, they each discovered they look a lot alike and had a wonderful time getting to know each other and introducing Debbie to the family.

God does wonderful things, in spite of the choices we make. He made a second chance possible—a chance to enjoy a miracle, 48 years later.

February 01, 2004 / Idaho Conference