Milo Students Give Life at Annual Student Association Blood Drive

The Red Cross Bloodmobile pulled across the covered bridge on Nov. 12, 2003, to collect blood from brave Milo staff and students age 17 and older. Every 15 minutes throughout the day, two or three students or faculty made their way to the student center to see if they met the eligibility requirements for age, weight and travel history.

"I was excited because I’ve wanted to give blood for a long time, and I finally got the chance," said Jessica Morgan, a senior.

Her classmate, Michael Spaulding, felt "fine, just calm, cool and collected," while Brandon Steinman admitted that he was "excited and nervous about getting stuck with a really large needle."

"I thought that it would hurt a lot, and I would feel blood coming out," stated Kumi Mimura, also a senior.

Students grimaced as the nurse inserted a needle, but it turned out to be "not quite as scary as expected," according to Spaulding. The nurse then bandaged each arm with orange or green tape, depending on whether the donor was a University of Oregon Ducks or Oregon State University Beavers fan.

When the 15-minute procedure was complete, donors received a sticker and snacks. First-time donors also earned a blood-drop pin to proudly display. According to Scott Rae, student association president, 29 of the 47 participants were first-time donors.

Chris Robison, a senior, explained why he donated blood: " I wanted to know my blood type, I wanted the experience, and I wanted to help people who needed it."

February 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference