Auburn Girls Get Blanket "Hugs"

How do you help someone from a distance? This was the problem facing the Washington Conference women's ministries department after the recent Auburn dormitory fire destroyed many of the earthly possessions of 81 girls. Wilma Bing, women's ministries director, and her team decided to give warm, snuggly fleece blankets to each of the girls as a way to give them a hug.

The committee contacted women's ministries directors throughout the conference asking for churches to help support this project. They were overwhelmed with the response that came back. Many who contributed to the project were once students of Auburn who had lived in the dorm and had many fond memories of their academy years. Fleece blanket "hugs" of all different colors came from throughout the conference.

On the day the girls returned to campus, they enjoyed a welcome party with yummy treats and a mountain of fleece blankets surrounding the Christmas tree. So many "hugs" came that each girl was able to pick two blankets. The girls have really appreciated all the love and support they have received.

February 01, 2004 / Washington Conference