Offer Accepted for Conference Office Complex

The Washington Conference executive committee voted recently to accept a $6.65 million offer to sell the current office building complex. This proposed sale is in line with the vote of the most recent constituency meeting where permission was given to sell the office and relocate to a more central location. The committee felt that this offer, which included the purchase of all the wetlands on the property, was an answer to prayer. The developer is currently going through the re-zoning process. If the re-zoning process is unsuccessful, the sale agreement will be terminated.

The first scheduled closing on the undeveloped portion of the land will take place at the end of 2004. The second closing date will occur in 2005. The dual closing allows for the relocation of the office without incuring any debt or leasing arraingments. The committee continues to pray for God's leading through this process as a new location is sought.

January 01, 2004 / Washington Conference

Doug Bing Washington Conference vice president