Montana Prayer Conference

At the Montana Prayer Conference, "Faith & Prayer," Buffy and Ron Halvorsen Jr. helped participants focus by studying each phrase of the Lord's Prayer and applying it through prayer partnership.

The participants also dwelt on their relationship with Jesus through 12 healing steps designed to bring each toward a deeper intimacy with God. The seminar was filled with illustrations of how prayer affects our lives and how we can grow closer to Jesus through prayer.

The culmination of the weekend was a burning ceremony. During the course of the weekend, participants had been urged to write a letter to God. At the burning ceremony each participant took a letter and placed it in the fire while others prayed and sang.

Conference participants were invited to Mt. Ellis Academy (MEA) for Brandi Drager's baptism. She attended the prayer conference along with several other MEA students.

January 01, 2004 / Montana Conference