Maxson Presents Stewardship Seminar in Spokane

Ben Maxson, General Conference (GC) stewardship director, held a weekend seminar, "A Look at Discipleship," for the Spokane (Wash.) Valley Church in October as a conclusion to the church's Lordship Challenge stewardship awareness program.

A church leadership retreat resulted in a mandate to make stewardship a priority in the Valley Church. A committee investigated the biblical lessons of stewardship, using GC material and leadership for direction. After viewing videos produced by the GC and hosted by Maxson, the committee wanted to share this wealth of biblical and practical knowledge of stewardship with their church family.

Maxson shared from scripture a vision of what discipleship is. The mandate from Jesus in Matt. 28:18–20 is to “go and make disciples.” This is the clearest purpose of the church. Before we can disciple others, we must first be one. A disciple passionately loves Jesus Christ, maintains intimacy with God through daily devotions, integrates Christ into every area of life, makes Christ the priority in all decisions, and actively shares Christ with others.

Maxson asked some puzzling questions to Adventists. Are you holy? Are you a saint? Are you sanctified? These questions all have the same answer—yes! Do you see yourself in your human eyes, the eyes of those around you, or in the eyes of God, who sees the robe of Christ’s righteousness covering you? God’s eyes are the only ones that count.

The freedom gained from knowing where you stand with God allows you to use your own story to disciple others. Discipling begins with assurance of salvation and continues integrating Christ’s lordship into every area of daily life.

Stewardship fits into discipleship because if you are following Christ’s example and integrating Him into every facet of your life, then stewardship of your time, family, health, talents and material possessions automatically falls into place.

January 01, 2004 / Upper Columbia Conference