Parents Experience UCA Campus For Themselves

For the seventh year, Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) hosted Parent Weekend, which is designed to give parents the opportunity to experience what UCA is providing for their students. It also gives parents the chance to interact, individually and as a group, with the school staff and administration.

“My mom really likes to come for Parent Weekend,” said Tracy Yaeger, a junior in her second year at UCA. “She’s always amazed at the atmosphere here, the difference between these kids and the kids from the public school I used to be in—the UCA kids are so courteous and they’re more mature....Being on campus helps her know she did the right thing by sending me here.”

This kind of response was repeated over and over as more than 300 parents visited campus. “Jesus shines through the UCA staff,” Bob and Linda Spady, parents of student Jeff Spady, said.

UCA music ensembles performed throughout the weekend. For Friday night vespers, parents and students shared what Christian education has meant to them and to their families. On Sabbath morning, the princpal and two students gave tributes and red roses to parents, and Dan Matthews, guest speaker for church, encouraged strong, loving, functional family relationships. Seminars were offered on Sabbath afternoon.

One of the parents’ favorite parts of the weekend was the traditional parent buffet and forum held on Saturday evening. “The feedback they give during this time is tremendously valuable to us,” reported Ron Turner, weekend coordinator.

Sunday activities included the fourth annual fly-in, a pancake feed and Sunday brunch. Following brunch, representatives from Walla Walla College provided valuable information for families starting to think about how they will finance college. The weekend concluded with men's and women's varsity football games.

December 01, 2003 / Upper Columbia Conference