Milo Seniors Survive Wilderness Challenges

Milo Adventist Academy's senior survival location, purpose and activities remain an annual mystery. But this year's seniors found the answers deep in the Umpqua National Forest where they turned a pile of black plastic, sticks and rope into safe, dry places to sleep despite drenching rain.

The first night it hailed and rained so fiercely that they thought their bivouacs would collapse. But the students awoke to a week filled with challenges that turned into blessings. Kim Heggem, a senior from Salem, Ore., explained, "Seniors learned how to work as a team and be the leaders of the school. School spirit has increased. We as a class re-bonded."

Senior survival was a spiritual challenge as well. Studies from Revelation and awesome morning worships inspired the youth. They began to see Revelation as a book that reveals the character of God in many ways. Zane Bischoff, a senior from Crescent City, Calif., described it as "almost like another week of prayer, except with just seniors."

Seniors ended the week better acquainted, more tolerant of differences and more aware of others' needs. Jeremiah Bratton, a senior from Medford, Ore., said, "We are more united as a class. Senior survival taught us to work together to solve problems rather than to work as individuals."

So what specifically did they do on senior survival? That can’t be revealed. The mystique must continue.

December 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference