Brain Games Bring Smart Fun to Campus

The clamor of nervous excitement was in the air as students arrived at the Gem State Adventist Academy in Caldwell, Idaho, to compete in a series of academic competitions called Brain Games 2003. Shouts and laughter echoed in the halls as hopeful competitors made their way to "go for the gold" in history, math/science, art and music. Others competed in Bible, poetry, basketball and Web design throughout the afternoon. Excitement ran high as several run-off matches were held. Contestants battled in front of parents and friends in history during the evening awards ceremony.

Out of 36 winners, two students won medals in three competitions, and nine won in two events. There were 36 winners overall. Jerry Woods from KTSY-FM gave a keynote address emphasizing the importance of realizing the worth of education and the freedom it brings. The event was heralded as a huge success with parents, and students already asking about next year.

Web design:

1st - Travis Wood (Huston, Idaho)

2nd - Jared Kisling (Boise)

3rd - Matt Leake (Boise)


1st - Ryan Black (Boise), Alexa Wernsing (Boise), Lorin Wilford (Meridian, Idaho), Mikayla Todd (Boise)

2nd - Travis Michel (Caldwell), Travis Wageman (Meridian), Vincente Aranguiz (Nampa), Jeremy Hansen (Nampa)


1st - Braden Way (Summerville, Ore.), Whitney Davis (Eagle, Idaho), Brianna Prohanska (Council, Idaho)

2nd - Seth Remling (Meridian), Jessica Price (Meridian), Cameron Arp (Boise)

3rd - Jordan Valenti (Kuna, Idaho), Mikalya Todd

Hot shot basketball:

1st - Hilary Prandi (Caldwell)

2nd - Shawn Roest (Boise)

3rd - Travis Wageman

Bible baseball:

1st - Kirsten Brown (Boise), Travis Wood

2nd - Melia Bale (Nampa), Lorissa Shelman (La Grande, Ore.)

3rd - Braden Way, Andrew Schnell (Caldwell)

Musical Jeopardy:

1st - Seth Remling

2nd - Camaron Arp

3rd - Ryan Black (Meridian)

Super sonnet poetry:

1st - Daniel Agee (Caldwell)

2nd - Lauren Wilford (Meridian)

3rd - Kirsten Brown

Fine art:

1st - Amanda MonCarr (Meridian)

2nd - Bethany Lang (Boise)

3rd - Rainey Davis (Meridian)

December 01, 2003 / Idaho Conference