Two Weddings

Jewell married Ronnie Thomas at a quiet ceremony in Prineville, Ore., on Aug. 15. Jewell entered into another relationship on Sept. 13 when she stepped into the cool water of the Prineville Reservoir and Carlyle Raymond baptized her into the family of God.

As a young girl, Jewell attended the Baptist Church and, later, the Church of Christ. At work, she discussed Bible truths with Joanne Craun, a Redmond, Ore., Adventist. Craun loaned Jewell the whole taped set of Lyle Albrecht's series from this spring, which Jewell watched at home, looking up Bible text after Bible text.

Before long, Jewell started coming to the Prineville Church where she was warmly welcomed. “After studying the Bible and watching Lyle’s videotapes, it makes sense: the seventh-day Sabbath, the commandments, God’s grace and forgiveness, everything,” Jewell said.

Now she continues to study in order to strengthen her faith and to be a ready witness to others. “When friends talk to me about religion, I challenge them on their own beliefs. This way they start questioning them, and then they begin to ask me to explain Bible truths."

November 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference