Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Even before the Middleton (Idaho) Church was organized in February 2002, the members had a desire to be a presence in their community. In November 2001, some of the church members wanted to help a few families with food baskets over the holiday season. Sylvia Jarrett was asked to organize the project because of her knowledge of the community. The director of the Middleton Food Bank gave Jarrett the names of six families, which grew to ten families who received Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets that year.

Then last year the church members again expressed a desire to help those in the community who were in need, and the deaconesses led out in putting together food boxes to be distributed. Requests came from five families who were having a difficult time financially, and on the Sunday before Thanksgiving church members organized and delivered food to them.

November 01, 2003 / Idaho Conference