Lessons from Lighthouses

A group of local children learned about the sanctuary and its services at the Vacation Bible School in Whitehall, Mont., through a program called “Lessons from Lighthouses.” The lessons were sponsored by the Whitehall Ministerial Association and held in the Trinity United Methodist Church. Spiritual emphasis was supplied by the Whitehall Adventist Church through the ministry of Darwin Whitman, speaker/founder of Sanctuary Crusades International of Dayton, Tenn.

Whitman used his lighthouse models, a model of the sanctuary, live demonstration of the high priest in robes and animated visual aids on screen to add to the learning and enjoyment of both children and adults.

In the evening Whitman presented a mini-series on the sanctuary in the Adventist Church. The community was invited to attend. The point of emphasis was how the sanctuary message relates to the mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of man while, at the same time, is Christ-centered. Comments indicated that members and non-members alike enjoyed the sessions.

November 01, 2003 / Montana Conference