Plant Closure in Goldendale Opens Doors for Employment

When an aluminum plant near Goldendale, Wash., closed in March, leaving 700 unemployed in a town of 3,000 and in surrounding Klickitat County, local church members knew they could not sit idly by.

"The closure affected our Goldendale members as much as it did the rest of the town, and we saw that if new Adventist business people could not be attracted to the area, our small church school and the future of our church were in jeopardy," says Stanton Parker, Goldendale Church treasurer. “In the process, we may be able to help staff these incoming businesses with Adventists who need to find employment in hard times."

Parker explains that they are searching for businesses interested in moving to the area and are looking for résumés of Adventists with specific skills who are interested in country living.

"We're particularly interested in hearing from Adventist people with experience working in manufacturing and light industries, especially in printing and publishing, baking and health care professions," says Parker. "There’s already a strong medical and dental presence in the valley, an excellent hospital, ample housing and some of the lowest property taxes in the state."

Parker invites Northwest Adventists who need better jobs or who would like to relocate to a more rural area, for whatever reason, to share their résumés for our files, especially if they have worked in the areas listed above.

For more information write to Stanton Parker at 185 Harris Rd, Goldendale, Wash., 98620, or e-mail him at

October 01, 2003 / Upper Columbia Conference