A Perfect Best Friend

"What if you had a perfect best friend"? That was the way Laura Warner, Auburn Adventist Academy junior, began her personal statement. One of the requirements to attend Auburn Adventist Academy is to give a personal testimony about what Jesus Christ means to you. That doesn’t mean students have to have a strong relationship with God, only that they get to share who they think He is and if His name holds any significance in their lives.

Warner described in detail what a perfect best friend would be like: "Someone who would share in your joys, understand your pain, cry with you when you hurt, and help you with all your trials. Someone who would always walk beside you, never leave nor forsake you and would pick you up and carry you when you needed it. Does that sound perfectly impossible? Well my best friend is in the business of doing the perfectly impossible, His name is Jesus Christ."

For some, coming to Auburn is like stepping into a whole new world. For others it is a refuge, a place where they can finally express how important Jesus is to them. For everyone, it’s a place to find the perfect best Friend.

October 01, 2003 / Washington Conference