Foxworth Named Portland Police Chief

Derrick Foxworth was named as the Portland, Ore., chief of police on Sept. 2 by Portland's mayor, Vera Katz. Foxworth’s appointment comes after the resignation of the former chief, Mark Kroeker.

“Issues related to law enforcement over the years have dramatically polarized the city,” said Katz. “Now is the time to reach into the organization itself for someone who was born here, went to school here and whose home is Portland and the Portland Police Bureau. He is the right person for this time in the bureau’s history.”

The new chief has been well accepted by the community, its leaders and his colleagues on the police force.

During his 22 years on the police force, Foxworth worked at many jobs starting as a patrol officer, which included service in the traffic division. He also served in the narcotics division and as the public information officer for the police bureau. In 1996 he was promoted to captain and was assigned to head the tactical operation division, which included the gang enforcement team, special emergency reaction team and the explosive disposal unit. Later he worked for the personnel division and in September 1997 was assigned to the Northeast Precinct as one of five precinct captains. In June 2002 he becamse the assistant police chief and served as head of the operations branch, overseeing the five precincts and the traffic division.

Baptized in November 2002, Foxworth is a member of the Sharon Church in Portland and is married to the former Linda Loiseau. He was the subject of the GLEANER cover story in February. A lifelong Christian, Foxworth said, “From the first day that I decided to become a police officer, I said, ‘Lord, I want to do Your will, I want to do Your work, and in doing so, I want You to be manifested in everything that I do.’”

October 01, 2003 / North Pacific Union