50-year Homecoming Weekend Reunion for Pathfinders

More than 100 former Hood River Pathfinders and their families came from as far away as Missouri and Canada in April for a 50-year homecoming weekend planned by long-time Pathfinder staffer Fay Ziegele and Ralph Staley, current Pathfinder leader.

The reunion included presentations by Montica Fus, a 2001 Pathfinder, and three Pathfinders from the late 1950s. Tears and laughter filled the program as these Pathfinders described the importance of friendship and activities like knot tying, marching, fire building and tent pitching.

Ziegele received special tribute for her words of wisdom, encouragement and help to the ones struggling. “You helped me to be what I am today," said one Pathfinder. She was given a silk Pathfinder jacket and commemorative plate for 50 years of service to the club. Staley, who is just completing 25 years of service, was also recognized.

A slide show inspired peals of laughter as old times came into view. “What were we doing? Did we really look like this?” some asked.

Current club members, with district coordinators Herman and Carolyn Bremer, provided Sunday brunch. Two soapbox derby cars, a covered wagon and 50 years of trophies and ribbons were displayed along with 12 photo albums.

The weekend concluded with a trip to the club's Lava Springs Pathfinder Outpost camp. The recurring comment as people were leaving was, “This is great! Let’s do this again.“

Ziegele and Staley replied, “The next one will be in Heaven."

Over the past 50 years, 396 Pathfinders spent a combined total of 1,045 years in the club. During that same time, 82 staff members contributed a total of 319 years of service.

October 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference