Lewistown Hosts Communication Seminar

Loren Dickinson, Walla Walla College communication professor emeritus and Comm Consultants president, recently presented a two-part seminar at the Lewistown (Mont.) Church titled, “Up with Bridges, Down with Walls.”

The seminar covered important topics such as the power of perceptions, communication differences between the sexes, dealing with difficult people, and affirmation. Dickinson discussed hindrances to effective communication, eliciting nods from listeners as he hit upon problematic verbal habits. He offered thoughts such as, “It’s right to tell the truth, but it may be wrong always to be telling it,” and, “Since I already know what I know, why don’t I compel myself to discover what you know?”

Dickinson offered ways to avoid communication barriers and work toward understanding each other. He encouraged the use of good communication skills in personal lives and in the church family, organization and mission.

September 01, 2003 / Montana Conference