God's Instruments Sylvan Chorale Sings for Rotary Club

September 01, 2003 | Amber Serns

Auburn Rotary Club members reacted with a standing ovation and tears of appreciation after Auburn Adventist Academy’s Sylvan Chorale performed "Lord Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace" for them on May 21. The service-based club was overwhelmed and inspired by both the message of the song and the medium used to convey it.

What an opportunity to witness and to share what Auburn Adventist Academy is really about! Weeks later while singing a patriotic song, the Rotary members recalled with fondness the presence of the young musicians and encouraged each other to “sing it like the academy kids.”

What was so powerful about this performance? Well, if you have ever heard Sylvan Chorale perform under the direction of John Neumann, you will understand the skill and talent that this group possesses. But what touched the hearts of these local leaders was more than the students’ ability to sing. “These kids know the One they are singing about,” commented one grateful Rotarian. And that’s what makes the difference.