CAA Honors Students of the Year

At the end of each school year, a Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) senior boy and senior girl are chosen as “Student of the Year" by the faculty based on how well they exemplify the mission of the school, their level of involvement and their attitude toward peers and faculty. This year, four-year seniors Jamison Will and Amanda Hamby were honored.

Jamison Will was an active member of the soccer team from its beginning. His teammates knew him as the “ultimate cheerleader.” When he wasn’t playing sports, he was attending games and cheering the teams on. He was also a band, choir and chorale member during most of his academy years.

In addition to these activities, Will maintained a strong academic record and was a spiritual leader on campus. He was often asked by other students to present worships and was the senior class chaplain. Will's deep spiritual commitment was evident in the way he treated all students at school. He was often found helping students with homework, and everyone knew that they could count on him for a smile and a hello in the halls.

Amanda Hamby volunteered during her senior year to be the coordinator for CAA Praise, a group of students who present church services within the local constituency. She was always on the lookout for students to involve in that program.

A strong basketball player, Hamby enjoyed the fast-paced game at CAA. Fellow teammates knew that she could be counted on as a leader on the court as well as off. She also participated in choir and held several student association and class offices during her years at CAA. She was class chaplain and spoke for student week of prayer. Her presence was the norm at school activities, and she sought ways to be helpful and involved.

The students at CAA seemed to agree that the faculty made the right choices for Students of the Year. Hamby and Will were respected by their peers for their involvement in activities and the spirituality seen in them. Other students at CAA learned a lot about a relationship with God by watching these two students.

September 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference