Seminar Brings Three to Eugene Korean Church

August 01, 2003 | David Kim

Eugene (Ore.) Korean Church baptized three young people at the close of its New Beginnings Bible seminar in May.

Because many of the church members are comfortable in both Korean and English languages, the New Beginnings seminar materials were presented by David Kim, pastor, in English and were translated into Korean for each meeting.

At the close of the seminars, Timothy Lee, Judy Lee and David Lee (no relation to each other) were baptized at Island Park in Springfield, Ore., in the cool waters of the Willamette River.

Each came from Adventist backgrounds, and their faith and spirituality grew as they studied for baptism and attended the seminars. The new members expressed at their baptism that they will use their personal gifts in positive ways.

The members of the church are grateful to God for the three young people and for the opportunity of hosting a Bible Seminar, and they look forward to providing more gospel-presenting events.