CAA Sophomores Become Certified Divers

August 01, 2003 | Lori Funk

Most of the sophomores at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) took a class in scuba this school year. Biology teacher Tom Lee and physical education teacher Erich Knipschild were the faculty sponsors.

On their scuba trip for certification, CAA divers went to Mike’s Beach Resort in Hood Canal. The first day everyone got ready, making sure that all their gear was there and in good working order. The second day students made two dives to demonstrate skills learned during the class. On the second day of diving, students made two final dives, the first to demonstrate skills learned and the final as a tour of the area. Divers encountered crabs, urchins, sea stars, sculpins and other marine life.

After the final dive, an underwater victory dance celebrated their qualifying as open-water divers. An award ceremony was held before returning to CAA.

It was exciting for the students to be there with their friends and see all the marine life. “It was a lot of fun being able to breathe under water. I definitely want to keep on diving,” student Kevin Russell stated enthusiastically.