Industrial Technology

With today’s job market demanding more and more specialization, Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) is providing students with the necessary training for excellent jobs in technology. This enables them to land better paying jobs either as they enter the full-time work force or as they work their way through college.

UCA already requires all freshmen to take an Exploring Technology course and offers Photography I and II, Aviation Ground School (for college credit) and Welding. This fall, UCA will also offer Small Engine Repair, Intro to Construction, Woods Technology and Automotive Technology, all taught by Chuck Paulson.

This Fall Tony Purvis, a local engineer who was hired to work on the Pentagon rebuilding program, will teach the Computer Aided Drafting course. He lives in Spangle, the tiny farming town adjacent to UCA, and works between his home office and Washington, D.C. He has had to turn down numerous high-paying jobs because he doesn’t have time to do them all, but once his students have had some training, they will be able to pick up some of these jobs under his supervision.

Under Ron Davis, UCA will also be providing the courses needed for students to complete major computer certifications recognized by the industry, including Network+, CCNA, MCSA, MCSE, A+ Hardware and A+ Software.

UCA’s alumni, in partnership with the Commonweal Foundation and other friends of UCA, are funding additional salary so that Paulson can teach full-time in the technology department. With these monies, the school will also purchase new equipment and remodel the technology building. Plans include the installation of a technology lab with 12 stations to provide experience in robotics, laser technology, pneumatics, fluid power and more.