High-tech Lab Enables DNA Testing

Tracy Jan, science reporter for The Oregonian newspaper found it odd that a “Portland Adventist Academy class gives thanks to God for creation, then steps into a high-tech lab to explore the complexity and mystery of DNA.” In a recent article, Jan noted that Terry Verlo, department head, teaches that the diversity of life is due to the hand of an intelligent designer, in contrast to public schools that teach evolution.

Verlo’s students learn how DNA relates to forensics, crop modification, bioethics and medical science and how their DNA differs from their classmates. These and similar procedures are made possible using biotechnology lab equipment purchased with a $6,500 private grant—equipment rare among Oregon high schools.

“At first the class wasn’t as cool,” said Jason Knittel, 16. “But when we started getting into the labs and learning about genetics and stuff, it was really fun.”

July 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference