Glimpses of God

July 01, 2003 | Patricia Revolinski

The school year is new, the school board members may be new, but the ritual is the same. In August, the school board meeting begins with a visit to each classroom to pray for the teacher and students soon to enter that room. These board members pray that the teacher will emulate the Master Teacher and that decisions made will draw the students closer to Jesus. Prayers are given on behalf of the students that their minds will be open not only to scholastic learning, but that each will see a glimpse of God in their daily experiences and remember that the greatest thing they canpossibly aspire to is to be like Christ. The last stop for their prayer warriors is that of the principal’s office, praying that God will bless the work of this dedicated leader.

Such devotion to students is experienced in a variety of ways in our Adventist schools and is reflective of advice given by Ellen White:“That education alone which brings the student into close relation with the Great Teacher is true education” (Counsels to Parents, Teachers and Students, p. 496).

Recently Julie Ann Grimstead, a sixth grade student at Tualatin Valley Jr.Academy in Oregon, wrote describing what she wants in her life:

What I Want!

My soul wants to sing the song of a thousand angels,

My eyes want to see the streets of shining gold

My heart wants to laugh with the friends of a long-lasted sorrow,

My mind wants to ask the questions of the ages

And get answers from the Maker of the heavens and earth that watches me and will not let my foot slip.

My ears want to hear the melodious tune of harps played masterfully,

My hands want to feel the holes of my Savior’s hands,

My feet want to walk a hundred miles in every direction and not once see the pain of sin.

My nose wants to smell flowers that will never wilt,

My tongue wants to speak in words of great knowledge,

My thirst wants to be quenched with living water,

And my life wants to be modeled after the Messiah in every thing I do.

That is what I want.

Patricia Revolinski, is North Pacific Union Conference associate director for elementary education and writes from Vancouver, Washington.