Lifestyle News Notes from Puyallup

June 01, 2003 | Shirley Meitzler

The Puyallup (Wash.) Church has served the Puyallup Valley for more than 40 years with the Breathe-Free stop smoking program, co-sponsored with the Good Samaritan Hospital and often the first contact many have had with church members.

The Prism Weight Loss Management program has been meeting at the church once a week for four years. During this time, more 300 individuals have learned to change their lifestyle and appreciate improved health while losing about 1,000 pounds combined each year.

The newest health program to Puyallup is CHIP, or Cornary Health Improvement Project, a concentrated four-days-a-week program for four weeks, followed by monthly support classes. Participants are challenged to make changes in their diet, exercise and stress management. Of the 39 participants, there was an average drop of 14 percent in cholesterol and eight pounds in weight. A side benefit to this program is healthier church potlucks.

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