Placing the Crucifixion on Hold

Jesus was dying on the cross in the most mentally and physically excruciating ordeal any man has ever experienced. Our English word “excruciating” comes from the Latin word meaning “out of the cross.” For hours prior to that event Jesus had been the victim of Satan’s unmitigated anger played out in the human administration of:

• Five mock trials

• Four brutal beatings and

• Two flesh shredding scourgings

And this was only the physical aspect. The spiritual dimension was, as incomprehensible as it is to us, even more severe.

Any lesser man would have understandably been totally immersed in self pity, but Christ gave us an amazing example of caring compassion.

An Example of Amazing Love

The eyes of the entire universe were riveted on an old rugged cross lifted between heaven and earth. In a moment of unequaled selflessness the crucifixion was momentarily put on hold. Jesus saw his bereaved and broken-hearted mother standing at the foot of the cross. And in an act of supreme love He took a few moments to make sure that she would be taken care of. What a model for us today living in the 21st century. Busy, harried, pressured, we can learn so much from His example of how to show loving concern for our mothers and fathers.

At this time of year when the world stops to send a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card or to make a phone call, let’s as Christians follow His example and lay aside whatever task we are doing and take time to show our love to our parents. And not just on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but all year long.

May 01, 2003 / Editorial