KEEPing Students in Christian Education

May 01, 2003 | Shelley Bacon

The Upper Columbia Conference Kids Educational/Endowment/Scholarship Program (KEEP) committee continues to balance the rising cost of church school tuition with a growing number of students who desire a Christian education.

A recent survey commissioned by the committee and conference development director Patsy Wagner revealed only 44 percent of the children of active Seventh-day Adventist members are currently enrolled in Adventist education. Even more significant, approximately 72 percent of Hispanic children are enrolled in public education.

That means more than 1,500 Adventist children cannot hear the name of Christ spoken with love and reverence at school. They cannot share their prayer requests openly with their teacher and fellow students. These children cannot feel the Savior’s touch through the hands of a God-loving teacher.

To change these numbers, KEEP plans to attract 500 new students to Adventist schools by the year 2010. Most will need financial assistance. Is Adventist education worth it? Yes, these precious kids are worth every cent.

In the past two years, KEEP distributed $22,000 to students throughout the Upper Columbia Conference. We estimate that by the end of 2010—or when we reach our goal of 10 million dollars, whichever comes first—we might distribute anywhere between $250,000 and $500,000 each year. Imagine the satisfaction of ensuring a Christian education for 500 children!

Can you think of a student who should be in Adventist education, but can’t afford it? Then give liberally May 24 for the next regular Upper Columbia Conference KEEP offering and stay tuned for more miracles! •