Irrigon Church Keeps Building

As wind played havoc with existing shingles, Irrigon members talked of the need to put a new roof on the church. The funds were available, but there were not enough hands to complete the job in a short time. The problem was presented to Seniors in Action for God with Excellence, who arranged to help. Ted Lutts, SAGE project manager, viewed the project a few days before SAGE arrived, and he and church member Joel Stahl replaced the well house roof.

Helmet Goltz, a roofing contractor from Moses Lake, donated his time, and former pastor, Darayl Larsen, left his Moses Lake congregation to lend a hand. Other helpers included Paul Weigley, SAGE president, local members and many others who came from far and near to remove the old shingles and replace them with the new.

With the sale of the former community service center, Irrigon members decided that the new facility should also house a fellowship hall where classes and seminars could be held. Thus it was that the congregation gathered Sept. 7, 1997, for the groundbreaking ceremony.

This project was “pay as we go” and involved a number of volunteers in plumbing, heating, cooling, and floor covering. The first phase was completed and the second was begun in the fall of 1999.

The building was completed in late October, and on Nov. 3, the congregation held a special service and reception to celebrate their achievement. Members now look forward to another full and active year and the anticipation of a growing congregation. •