God through Me Share the Warmth

Oregon Conference Women’s Ministries recently held “God through Me…Share the Warmth” events at the Santa Clara, Sunnyside, Grants Pass, and Astoria churches using the theme of Colossians 4:4-6 NLT:

Pray that I will proclaim this message as clearly as I should.

Live wisely among those who are not Christians,

and make the most of every opportunity.

Let my conversation be gracious and effective

so that I will have the right answer for everyone.

As Corleen Johnson, Oregon Conference Women’s Ministry director, said, “Many times it is the very talents and interests that are already within us that could be used to influence others for God. God needs every one of us. At the last supper with His disciples, after thinking about all the miracles that had happened, all the preaching and teaching, Jesus promised them, ‘Greater things than these will you do’” (John 14:12 NLT).

At these events, we found Your Turn discussion time was surprisingly effective. “The prayer time at the end was so precious,” Ione Richardson reflected later. “We had five in our group. One lady was hesitant—‘I’m not good at this’—but proceeded to pray a beautiful prayer for the lady on her right.”

Martha reported, “I have recently re-dedicated my life to the Lord, and I am feeling so blessed and at peace. Now I am looking for a way to serve Him, and this seminar could not have come at a better time.” One lady, the head elder of her church, found our presentation on postmodernism helped her better understand her pastor.

Sharon said, “Thank you for sharing about how beneficial ‘behind the scenes’ people are. I accompany my husband during his presentations doing research for him, and I had forgotten just how important I am.”

“Thank you for allowing me to come,” shared a man, referring to the fact that men were invited. Another man, inspired by the spiritual gifts presentation, plans to conduct a seminar at his church using an AdventSource resource called “Connections.”

Everywhere we went we met people that needed encouragement and those who were ready to move forward. One attendee said, “I have a ministry of videotaping sermons. I take them to small churches that don’t have pastors. The video of Mike and Diane Jones, videotaped at the Sunnyside event, called, ‘How to Create a Velcro Church (where your visitors stick),’ would be beneficial to those small churches. May I have a copy?”

“Oh sure, here take this one,” I said, handing her the one we brought.

“You don’t need it?” she asked.

“Apparently God had us make the tape for you,” I replied. “Go bless others with it.”

We were privileged to be evangelists to the “evangelists.” We praise God for so many divine appointments that happen because we are willing to let God use us. He has promised, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us...” (2 Corinthians 5:20). •

May 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference