Benefits of My Christian Education

May 01, 2003 | Daniel Rogers

I have been in Christian education all my life. I have also always been involved with the Adventist Church programs. While growing up, I always attended Sabbath school. When I was 10, I was baptized. I joined Pathfinders as soon as I could.

As for educational benefits, Christian education is a huge advantage. The schools are private and have their own academic program. They aren’t required to put up with drugs, sex, and homosexuality. The standards are a lot higher. And after attending a Christian school, the sense of accomplishment is much greater. You go into the world prepared for more. Not just more knowledge, but more guidance and security from the Holy Spirit and a closer relationship with God. Christian education might cost more, but it’s pretty cheap “life insurance.” You will not find religious benefits in any public school.

One of the most important topics in the entire question of educational benefits is the benefit of women. It is undeniable. In Christian schools, the girls have higher morals, love the same God I do, and are usually on the right track. And if Christian schools can produce women with quality personalities then they’ve already made my life better without my even stepping inside the door.

Because Christian schools are more dedicated to the success of each student, there is more one-on-one interaction. That is a key element in the equation of a successful education. And a successful education is key to a successful life. Christian education might cost more, but in the long run it is one of the most valuable investments you can make. •