Spokane Valley Church Members Accept The Lordship Challenge

It all started at the church leadership retreat in January 2002. The leaders felt that the number one concern for our church was stewardship education.

Many of our members have joined since the new church and school were completed in 1996, and there is a North Pacific Union Conference Association revolving fund building loan that needs to be retired. A stewardship committee was formed to look into all options and recommend a plan to the church board.

In September, the committee knew God was leading when they were shown that stewardship was not about money. Stewardship is a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. When the relationship is right, then all the other things, such as use of your time, talents, health, influence, and money, will fall into place.

A program called the Lordship Challenge was introduced to the church members. This challenge is for each member to make Jesus Lord in every area of their lives. It is a call to revival and complete surrender. It is cementing our relationship with our Creator who supplies all our needs. The program asks every church member, “What does the Lord require of me?” It is a call for 100 percent of the congregation to be faithful in returning a true tithe, offerings, and systematically giving to reduce the church debt.

To kick off the Lordship Challenge and start afresh on the building program, the stewardship committee planned a party for all the Valley church members to celebrate the millionth dollar donors and others who have given of their time as volunteers to our church. The Spokane Valley members have given a million dollars to the building program beginning in 1992. This is in addition to the quarter million dollars raised to buy the land the church was built on.

On Dec. 14, the Million Dollar Banquet was held, and Willie and Francoise Wynne were surprised as they were called forward to receive a plaque as the “millionth dollar givers.” The Valley Church now takes up the challenge to move forward and finish the work God has given us in the Spokane Valley. •

April 01, 2003 / Upper Columbia Conference