Eagle River Valley Church Dedication

Members and friends of the Eagle River Valley Church gathered on Sabbath, Feb. 22, to dedicate their church with programs glorifying God who has guided in the growth of this church family. The celebration of dedication is the result of years of labor in this area.

A group of Adventists first began meeting in a rented church in Chugiak in 1977. The group was dissolved two years later when most of the members moved away. In May, 1983, a group of Adventist newcomers to the area again started meeting in Chugiak, led by Gary Beck, Hillside-O’Malley Church associate pastor in Anchorage. The company was officially recognized as a church in 1985 with 37 charter members. Later, a church was rented in nearby Eagle River.

Property for the church was purchased in September 1991, and construction began in October. The foundation of an old trailer on the property became the foundation of the church and materials from the trailer were re-used in the construction of the new church. Under the leadership of Neil Biloff, then pastor and church member Paul McDowell, the new church structure was enclosed before the first serious snowfall.

The first church service was held the beginning of 1993. That spring the name Eagle River Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church was chosen as the official name. “I believe this church is here today because somebody prayed,” stated Jim Kincaid, Alaska Conference executive secretary.

The Eagle River Valley Church has conducted several evangelistic meetings and is organizing for a series this fall. Other plans include a booth at the 2003 Alaska State Fair, and starting a pre-school and/or a wellness center. •

April 01, 2003 / Alaska Conference