Be Kind to Me, I Gave Blood Today

March 01, 2003 | John Kriegelstein

Two Anchorage Adventist churches hosted blood drives on Sabbath mornings in November and January. Forty units were collected by the Blood Bank of Alaska.

Some Hillside–O’Malley Church members were surprised to see the Mobile Blood Bank bus in the church parking lot when they arrived for church on Sabbath morning, Nov. 2, 2002. Eighteen people participated. “I decided to begin again my habit of giving blood as often as possible,” said one participant. “Who knows, maybe I will need someone to do it for me sometime.”

When another call was received from the blood bank requesting donors, the members of Northside Church donated 22 units Sabbath morning, Jan. 11. Members who might have found it difficult to arrange otherwise, found this to be convenient. The Blood Bank of Alaska has already scheduled return trips.

Mike Maxwell, Hillside–O’Malley Church member, stated, “It is good that Christians can support our community in this way.” •