February 01, 2003

Thank You Ed Schwisow

I read Ed’s farewell article in the December GLEANER with a lump in my throat. He has been a part of my life through the pages of the GLEANER for 25 years and losing his touch brings sadness to our home.

Many thanks for the expertise and innovation that have become the hallmark of the GLEANER through Ed’s guidance. He has kept our union paper the envy of other unions. Most importantly he has given us a paper that we enjoy reading and are proud to pass along to our non-Adventist friends.

It has been a privilege to get acquainted with Ed on different projects related to his work with the GLEANER. And learning of his fine musical talent was a real delight. Jim and I wish you the best, Ed, in your future plans. May God continue to richly bless your influence through the use of your pen.

Carolyn McHan—Eugene, Ore.

Editorial response: All of us here on the GLEANER staff wish Ed the very best as he moves on to other pursuits. RD

Coffee Table Book?

My wife and I moved to Portland in November 1999. Not long after, we began receiving copies of the GLEANER. My favorite part of the GLEANER is the photo on the inside cover of each issue. Have you considered publishing a coffee table photo book of these images? No commentary needed—the photos speak for themselves and to the genius of a Master Creator. Notes could be included in the back. The market for such a book could include the millions of Adventists, as well as photo enthusiasts around the world, ABCs, hospital gift shops, and others, such as Powell's Books, would make great partners, and proceeds could go to support ADRA, Adventist education, etc.

Whether or not such a project seems feasible, do continue with the fantastic images. One of these days I'll get around to sending in a few of mine.

W. Jason Mashak—Portland, Ore.