African Americans Serving God and Community

For more than 77 years, February has been designated black history month to honor and recognize the accomplishments of African Americans in the United States of America. During this month, the national black anthem is sung at the start of all major events. The words of this song remind us of our heritage and our journey from being free in Africa, slaves in America, emancipated by Lincoln, and our commitment to God and country.

While I appreciate the words of the national black anthem, there is another song that was written about the same time with a deeper meaning to me. The song titled, We’ve Come This Far By Faith, depicts the struggles that African Americans have fought through and the victories that they have accomplished by trusting in the Lord who gave them their source of strength.

As we celebrate black history month in 2003, there is no doubt that we have come this far by faith. For the past four years, the Office of Regional Affairs has observed black history month by celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans in the Northwest. In this month’s issue of the GLEANER, we are focusing on areas of employment for African Americans who are members of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Some work in non-traditional areas which have not always been universally accepted or supported by our church.

This year we want to highlight several men and women who have served in law enforcement, correctional institutions, and fire fighting. They serve their communities with pride and distinction as members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They give the highest professional service while maintaining their Christian faith and integrity. We see them as church officers on Sabbath morning, serving in God’s remnant church. As ordinary men and women, they put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect the citizens of their communities. Their faith in God has helped them make a difference in the way they perform and relate to the stressful demands of the job. They, too, are waiting for the soon coming of Jesus when they will turn in their badges for a crown that will not fade away.

February 01, 2003 / Editorial