News for January 2003

Math Enthusiasm Hits PSAA

January 01, 2003 / Becky Dewey

More than 174 students from several Adventist elementary schools packed into the Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) gymnasium to attend a recent “Mr. Math” presentation, “Getting Kids and Adults Excited About Mathematics.”

Host Willie L. Walker, “Mr. Math” himself, said students need to be able to do two things well in math: 1) Fluently multiply in their head, and (2) Focus, focus, focus.

Adventurer Camp-out Brings Solid Turnout

January 01, 2003 / Elizabeth Lake

About 200 campers recently came to Sunset Lake Youth Camp, near Wilkeson, Wash., to attend the annual Washington Conference Adventurer Club Camp-out.

Adventurer clubs are active in many areas of the world and enroll Christian students in grades one through four. Activities feature the Bible, health and fitness, nature, and people skills through club meetings, field trips, nature activities, crafts, games, and events.

Megabucks for Megahertz

January 01, 2003 / Barry Draggoo

Southwest Washington’s Christian radio station, 90.5 KACS, raised a record $91,000 in faith promises during its recent Sharathon. Hosts Loren Olson, left, broadcast director for LifeTalk Radio and original KACS general manager; Steven Vistaunet, North Pacific Union Conference communication director; and Lee McIntyre, lay pastor for Outreach at Riverside Community Church in southern California, praised God for bountiful blessings, with KACS general manager Chris Carey.

My Life In Christian Puppeting

January 01, 2003 / Courtni Mundy

Puppeting has been a part of my life for about six years. I joined my local puppet team in seventh grade and loved being a “Foamhead” from the moment I began.

Though I don’t mind being up front or being seen by people, I found my real niche with the “Faithful Foamheads.”

Even the shyest person can do puppeting, for no one ever sees you. Through your puppets, you can be as crazy, unique, and self-assured as you want. No one even knows which puppet is yours, unless you tell them.