New Members Visit Conference Office

“The phone rang this morning and woke us up,” said Keeta and Amanda. It was Pastor Roger Cain reminding them to come to New Member Day.

Twins, Keeta and Amanda arrived early with their noticeably pleased grandmother. They had been baptized the day before at the Spokane Linwood Worship Center.

Randy and Lorie

Randy and Lorie Butler drove to Spokane, Wash., from Othello, Wash., to attend New Member Day, along with more than 140 other new members in the Upper Columbia Conference.

Each year, new members are invited to come to the Conference office to learn more about their new Adventist family.

“It’s a privilege to meet our newest members and share with them the resources available at the Conference Office to enable and nurture them on their Christian walk,” said Max Torkelsen, Conference president.


Part of the fun was hearing stories of how the new members had decided to follow Jesus. Keeta and Amanda cited the influence of their grandmother and the friendship of Christian youth at Spokane Junior Academy.

A major influence in the Butlers’ decision was television. When they discovered Three Angels Broadcasting Network, they were fascinated and enjoyed learning the truths of the Bible.

When asked what was her favorite part of “New Member Day,” Keeta said she liked the print shop most, because she loves to draw.

Amanda enjoyed the “shrunken head” in the president’s office, and Randy was a little overwhelmed by all the information and will enjoy looking through it more when he goes home.

Lori said, “You covered all the bases.”

That was the goal—to do everything possible to let the newest members know they are special to the worldwide Adventist family.

January 01, 2003 / Upper Columbia Conference