Milo Celebrates Family Weekend

The weekend of Nov. 15-17, 2002, at Milo Adventist Academy was filled with activities involving the family. The activities started Friday evening with a musical vespers, presented by Daniel Cobbs and the group “Eleventh Hour.”

Daniel gave his personal testimony and shared with the students, parents, and staff how important it is to take the right road in life. Immediately after the service, everyone was invited to gather in the student center for refreshments and a time of sharing.

Kay Dickey, director of development and marketing, presented the Sabbath school feature, “Role Reversal.” After giving her personal testimony, she stressed the importance of building strong relationships with parents and children.

Todd and Tami Stebbeds then shared the hope Christians have in knowing their Savior, followed by Pastor Carl Wilkens’s message, “So Utterly Ordinary,” a reflection on the life of Jim Elliott.

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep in exchange for what he cannot lose.” This famous quote from Elliott reminded the audience that Christians can become so caught up in the ordinary that they need the Holy Spirit to convict them of their real condition.

Music performed by the Milo Chorale, students, parents, and faculty played an important part in the weekend, and sunset meditation on Sabbath afternoon allowed the families to reflect on Him with music and stories.

After vespers, Randy Bovee, Milo principal, presented eight $1,000 scholarships. While most scholarships are awarded with “need” or “GPA” requirements, these were given to reward students who show an above-average work-and-volunteer ethic on campus.

Among factors the staff considered when nominating the students were consistent punctuality, honesty, on-the-job independence, following instructions, completing duties on time, positive attitude, taking their positions seriously, showing good judgment, and attention to duties while “on the clock.”

Enabled by a generous donation, Milo was pleased to present the scholarships to Ayla Abbott, Stephen Bigelow, Don Kirk, David Rae, Scott Rae, Mary Rueter, Jesselle Stevens, and Kristen Winslow.

On Saturday evening, students performed the play “The Sound of Music,” directed by Kim Miller. As part of their admission, audience members brought cans of food for baskets to be shared in the Academy’s community outreach program.

The weekend concluded with an open forum meeting on Sunday morning, where parents could discuss questions with the administration team and staff.

January 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference