Laurelwood Alumni Donate $80,000

Last year marked the 10th anniversary of the formation of Laurelwood Alumni’s T Dub Club (named for the late Principal T. W. Walters).

Mostly comprising of alumni from 1946-1954, the Club has had camp-outs once or twice a year, and attendance has grown from 12 to 92.

The annual gatherings, held at Gladstone Campground, have become soul-winning tools, as alumni have remembered the God of their youth.

Merlin Fjarli (1947 Grad.) recently challenged the Club to build churches in India, where new congregations need “temples” to grow.

He promised to match any money raised during the 2002 camp-out. A freewill offering brought in an initial $20,000, and this in turn was matched by an alumnus, bringing it to $40,000. Fjarli then fulfilled his pledge, bringing the total to $80,000. The money has been sent to Maranatha Volunteers International, which in turn has matched the gift with its funds, for a total of $160,000 for church-building in India, where 3,000 new congregations are awaiting chapels.

Those interested in the project can contact Merlin Fjarli by phone at (541)773-4046.

January 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference