All Nations Center Adds 20 During Seminar

January 01, 2003 | Jeanne Barrett-Usher

Angels certainly were working on the hearts of those who attended a recent All Nation’s Angel Seminar, in Wapato, Wash.

More than 120 visitors came, not only to hear the nightly messages, but to see the inside of the newly completed Adventist Center.

The encouraging comment, “We feel comfortable and accepted here,” was often heard by those who have built the facility for the Yakama Native people.

Pastor Monte Church, who oversees Adventist ministry for Natives in the United States and Canada, conducted the Seminar, introducing basic Bible teachings by focusing on the work of angels.

Of the more than 20 who asked to join the Adventist Church by the end of the Seminar, seven claim Native American roots.

“It’s the beginning of a breakthrough we have all been praying for,” says Pastor Peter Trzinsky.