Albany Pathfinders Bear Up Well at Camporee

Members of the Albany, Ore., Bears Pathfinder youth club report finding great joy and spiritual fulfillment during their long, scenic experience at Glacier National Park, during the North Pacific Union Conference Pathfinder Camporee.

“It was an experience our kids and the adults won’t soon forget,” reports Tammy Hendricks. “We left on a Wednesday evening, drove all night, and arrived at 12:30 p.m. the next day.”

“I expected that we would have events like I’ve seen at the Pathfinder fairs and that we would do ‘Pathfindery’ things, but I was pleasantly surprised by the program,” she adds.

“This was a huge evangelistic crusade, just for the Pathfinders, geared to their age group and designed to connect them with their Savior.”

“As for Glacier National Park, what can I say?” she continues. “Breathtakingly beautiful! We hiked up Logan Pass (right on the Continental Divide) and got to see mountain goats, close up. The cry of the weekend was that everybody wanted to see a real bear, and while there were many sightings in our camp before we came and occasionally while we were there, the Albany Bears were the only bears most Pathfinders saw during the weekend.”

After the Camporee, she reports, “We were exhausted, but filled. We had a great time; we got to see sights we might not see in other circumstances; and some of us met God in Montana for the first time. A pretty successful Pathfinder Camporee, I’d say.”

January 01, 2003 / Oregon Conference