Alaska Youth Challenge Reaches 26,000 Homes

Directed by college students Jonathan Kincaid, Stefan Kim, Hailu Gabriel, and Alisha Palmer, 16 Alaska Youth Challenge members this summer sold more than $33,000 worth of Adventist Christian literature to homes in the Anchorage area.

Kincaid and Kim have been with the Youth Challenge program since its Alaskan inception four years ago. It was Gabriel’s third year and Palmer’s first.

Each participant received scholarships to Adventist academies and colleges, based on their sales for the eight-week sales period, which began in mid-June.

The students spent a total of 2,136 hours, visiting more than 26,000 homes. Besides selling books, they gave away 4,391 pieces of free literature, valued at $2,844.

“This is my fourth summer with Alaska Youth Challenge,” said Kim, a Walla Walla College student. “I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it. I feel that I have grown a lot and helped team members grow, as well. This has been a spiritual growth experience for each of the team members, as well as for those contacted.”

The team also prayed with 1,457 of its contacts.

January 01, 2003 / Alaska Conference